Membership Benefits

Brotherhood: Friendship, one of our core values, and the basis of our brotherhood. Our chapter is a close-knit group of brothers that you don't typically see in larger chapters. This is a brotherhood that never dies, even after you graduate. The phrase "Not for College Days Alone" is something we hold dear to our hearts and it means that once you a FIJI, you are always a FIJI!

Grants and Scholarships: Our chapter offers members $10,000 in scholarship ever year. The International Fraternity's Educational Foundation also offers over $300,000 in scholarships, which any member can apply for. Lastly, anyone pledge can earn the AAA Scholarship - "Academic Achievement Awards" - by earning a 3.2 GPA during their pledging semester.

Leadership Development: The Fraternity offers members to attend The Leadership Institute, which is held ever summer in Lexington, KY. There members are about to define and build upon their own personal style of leadership. Also, Phi Gamma Delta has partnered with Dr. Ken Blanchard (Cornell 1961), to create a leadership development program custom designed for our fraternity and our members. Taking the Lead is a series of four educational modules that are available to our members to help them achieve success in fraternity, college, career and life endeavors.

Philanthropy and Service: Our chapter places a strong emphasis on serving others in the community. Brothers actively volunteer at local organizations including Mission Arlington and Arlington Charities. The Fraternity is proudly partnered with the USO, the International Red Cross, and Donate Life.

On-Campus Housing: We are one of five fraternities that have on-campus chapter housing. The chapter house offers affordable living for members. Each room comes comes furnished with an ensuite bathroom. The chapter house also includes a large backyard with a volleyball court, a spacious common area that includes 120"+ projector screen and ping pong table, and a study room.

Strong Graduate Chapter: As we stated before, Phi Gamma Delta is "Not for College Days Alone." We have by far one of the the strongest fraternal alumni groups in the state. Our graduate chapters offers leadership and professional development in the forms of workshops, seminars and personal mentorships. They also actively seek out undergraduate brothers for internship and job offers.


Pledge Education

  • There is no hazing allow in Phi Gamma Delta at any time for any pledges any brothers.
  • The pledge education program consists of an 8-week process of learning the Fraternity history, chapter operations, and other materials covered in the Purple Pilgrim.
  • First semester Freshmen and transfer students require no UTA GPA requirement to become a pledge, but high school GPA will be looked at for reference. All students require a minimum 2.5 UTA GPA to be conspired for pledging, although a 3.0 is preferred.
  • Pledges must earn a minimum of a 2.5 during their pledging semester to become an initiated brother.


Financial Information

  • Pledge Fee (one-time fee) - due at the time of pledging. Covers the cost of you pledge pin and Purple Pilgrim
  • Pledge Dues - dues during you pledge months that cover the cost of pledge mixers, fundraisers and other social events.
  • Initiation Fee (one-time fee) - due at the time of initiation. Covers the cost of your badge, certificate and membership dues for the first year.
  • Chapter Dues - member dues billed monthly that cover chapter costs of events and normal operations. Can also be paid upfront with a discount.


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